Foto reportage: Chabouté Prix RTL 2006

Melikian foto-reportage dal Grand Prix RTL 2006
Chaboute-Prix RTL.JPGIl nostro corrispondente Laurent Mélikian ci invia il reportage dal Grand Prix RTL 2006 che ha premiato questa volta Chabouté. Potete vedere le foto facendo click sull’immagine a fianco.
 Christophe Chabouté just received le Grand Prix RTL de la bandes dessinée 2006 for his album Henri Désiré Landru. Since he started publishing comics about 10 years ago, Christophe Chabouté met interest from the profession but never got the chance to be distinguised with a major award. The most popular radio in France celebrates a new and original version story of Landru who’s sometimes called “the first french serial killer” – remember Charlie Chaplin in Monsieur Verdoux. A month ago, Vents d’Ouest, editor of Henri Desiré Landru published a collected edition of 4 past albums by Chabouté including, Zoé, Sorcières, Pleine Lune and La Bête. [Laurent Mélikian]

Foto di Laurent Mélikian per afNews.