6 Dicembre 2021 05:22

Nightwing Writer Teases a Teen Titans Reunion Fans Have Been Waiting For

CBRcomics: After already penning some DC character reunions, Tom Taylor …

6 Dicembre 2021 04:06

Line it is Drawn: Hawkeye Team-Ups | CBR

CBRcomics: In the brand-new Line it is Drawn, our artists …

6 Dicembre 2021 03:30

Marvel Debuted X-Force’s Most Powerful Team – and It’s Huge | CBR

CBRcomics: In the X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special, Cable amasses the …

6 Dicembre 2021 02:30

Star Wars Revealed Darth Vader’s Redemption Began Before Return of the Jedi

CBRcomics: A surprising detail in Star Wars reveals Darth Vader …

6 Dicembre 2021 01:30

Who Is Marvel’s Strongest Omega-Level Mutant, Based on Superpowers?

CBRcomics: Marvel’s Omega-Level Mutants are among their most powerful beings. …

6 Dicembre 2021 01:30

Chip Zdarsky Discusses New Daredevil, Devil’s Reign | CBR

CBRcomics: Daredevil: Woman Without Fear writer Chip Zdarsky teased his …

6 Dicembre 2021 01:27

Reviews and Remembrances

DailyCartoonist: We ran an obituary for cartoonist Jerry Palen last …

6 Dicembre 2021 00:41

Happy Birthday Walt Disney! Celebrating His Life and Legacy

InsideMagicDisney: Today we celebrate the birthday of Walt Disney, creative …

6 Dicembre 2021 00:30

Why Hulk’s Worst Enemies Are Marvel’s Most Powerful Founding Avengers

CBRcomics: Hulk #1 paints Bruce Banner in a very different …

6 Dicembre 2021 00:13

Sony Dazzles Again With First Teaser For ‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’

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6 Dicembre 2021 00:12

‘Mitchells Vs. The Machines,’ ‘Flee’ Nab New York Film Critics Circle Honors

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