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Cheerleaders Jumping On A Bed! Inking Katchoo & Francine at a comic-con hotel. segnala: Video Terry Moore

It’s Studio Sunday January 30, 2022 with Terry and Robyn Moore! Please SUBSCRIBE and hit the LIKE button. It really helps us to continue. 00:00 – 3:43 Robyn & Terry’s Fantabulous Updates 3:43 How difficult is it to turn a character around in the middle of the series? 5:05 How often, if ever, do you have to scrap a page and start over? 9:54 Inking a drawing of Francine & Katchoo jumping on a hotel bed… in cheerleader costumes. Why they are doing this, I don’t know I didn’t ask. Maybe they’re at a comic book convention. That would explain it. You can find all our books and merchandise at: Comics by Terry: Serial, Strangers In Paradise, SIP Kids, Echo, Rachel Rising, Motor Girl, SiP XXV, Five Years, Ever, Terry Moore’s How To Draw.

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