16 Dicembre 2021 00:43

Attenzione: Disney Will Pay You To Learn Traditional Animation With Legends Like Eric Goldberg And Mark Henn

To apply for the job, go to Disney’s website

Am I Eligible To Apply? What We’re Looking For:

  • 18 years or older
  • Emerging artists with less than 3 years of animation industry experience OR
  • Recent graduates – Degree or equivalent experience

To apply for this position you must upload a resume and a single reel no longer than 2 minutes. If you are not trained across all three disciplines of traditional character animation, effects animation, and cleanup, we encourage you to submit a reel focused on the discipline you are skilled in.

Reels/Demonstrated Skills Should Include:

  • Acting, Acting, Acting! Demonstrate a versatile range of hand drawn acting exercises: Dialogue, Pantomime, Narrative-Based Walk Cycle or Weight Exercises

  • A focus on different styles of emoting: subtle to broad, comedic to dramatic moments

  • A diversity of character personalities to create entertaining, believable, and emotionally-centered performances

  • A range of animated elements of nature that are infused with both observation and personality

  • Strong drawing ability and design sensibilities

  • Strong understanding of anatomy, perspective, and quick sketch

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