6 Dicembre 2021 16:16

Leaders Like Us: Jackie Ormes – Biography About the First Syndicated Female African American Cartoonist Jackie Ormes, an African American Leader in Comics

Leader in Comics: In Leaders Like Us: Jackie Ormes, 1st—4th graders learn about the dedication, talent, and artistic abilities of Ormes who became the first syndicated female African American cartoonist.

Inspirational: With captivating illustrations that bring Ormes’s story to life, readers learn about her fascinating life, how Jackie used her comics to challenge stereotypes about black people and culture, and her designs that took America by storm.
Build Reading Skills: This engaging 24-page biography will help your child improve comprehension and build confidence with guided pre- and post-reading questions, a time line of events, and a fun extension activity.
Leveled Books: Part of the Leaders Like Us series, early-elementary reading level and full-color illustrations support comprehension of the story of this amazing artist and activist.
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