6 Dicembre 2021 16:08

Female Cartoonists in the United States: Bad Girls and Invisible Women (Routledge Studies in Gender, Sexuality, and Comics)

Questo libro fornisce un’introduzione alle cartoonist negli Stati Uniti, leggendo il loro lavoro da una prospettiva femminista, letteraria e stilistica, che mette in luce le loro narrazioni e linguaggi grafici innovativi e unici.

From rabid feminists to blundering teenagers to dyke avengers and pregnant butches, from political satire to memoirs to troubling sexual tales, from caricature to the clear line, from realism to minimalism and abstraction – they have done it all. This book looks at the work of over thirty authors who have challenged the boys’ club of comics in the US and whose stories shed a revealing light on contemporary society, through countercultural ripostes to the patriarchy, raw or humorous confessions, deconstruction of femininity, stories of vulnerability that offer powerful counterpoints to the “super bodies” of mainstream comics, non-white and queer cartoonists “drawing back” and more.

Questo è un titolo chiave per studenti e studiosi nei campi dei fumetti, della letteratura e delle donne e degli studi di genere…