29 Dicembre 2020 23:43

ActuaBD: Disparition de Berck (« Strapontin », « Sammy », « Lou »…) : un géant de la BD flamande

afnews.info segnala l’articolo completo su ActuaBD

29 Dicembre 2020 21:45

Wonder Woman Will Return for a Third Film

On the heels of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’s successful release last …

29 Dicembre 2020 21:39

These Two Festive Mocktails from Eater’s Guide to the World will be the Apple of Your Eye

By the D23 Team Our friends at Hulu’s Eater’s Guide …

29 Dicembre 2020 21:12

Podcast EP90: Daniel Virgüez Shares Learnings from His PhD in Intl Stop-Motion Co-Production

The stop-motion animator discusses how studios from different countries can …

29 Dicembre 2020 20:58

Dave Pruiksma Passes On The Disney Nine Old Men’s Lessons To Young Animators At CAT Animation

Veteran animator Dave Pruiksma (“Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin”) reflects …

29 Dicembre 2020 20:57

WandaVision e gli altri titoli principali in arrivo su DisneyPlus a Gennaio 2021

WandaVision e gli altri titoli principali in arrivo su DisneyPlus a Gennaio 2021

29 Dicembre 2020 20:43

‘Fast & Furious: Spy Racers’ Season 3 Now Streaming on Netflix

Just when you thought Christmas was over, Universal and DreamWorks …

29 Dicembre 2020 20:21

Shia LaBeouf Not Joining the MCU Following Abuse Allegations

The ‘Transformers’ star’s career may be in jeopardy after a …

29 Dicembre 2020 19:29

Video Of The Week: The Delicate Craft Of Disney’s Orchestral Scores

Oswald Iten looks beyond Disney’s famous songs to the six …

29 Dicembre 2020 19:11

TIMVISION gennaio 2021, tutti i nuovi film e le serie tv del mese

afnews.info segnala: Dall’azione di Mission: Impossibile – Fallout alle epiche …

29 Dicembre 2020 18:32

Where Animation Is Headed: Veteran Executive Eric Calderon Names 7 Trends For 2021

In a Youtube video, Calderon appraises the major studios’ strategies, …

29 Dicembre 2020 17:59

Behind the Scenes of Netflix’s ‘Canvas’, ‘Cops and Robbers’ and ‘If Anything Happens I Love You’

Jan 15th, 2021: Free, online conversation with the five directors …

29 Dicembre 2020 17:56

Ghibli’s ‘The Cat Returns’ and ‘Whisper of the Heart’ SteelBook Release Set

‘Spirited Away;’ ‘Castle in the Sky;’ ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service;’ ‘Nausicaä …

29 Dicembre 2020 17:54

Bombay Rose: Director Gitanjali Rao in Conversation with Netflix’s Aram Yacoubian

View: Feb 12th, 2021: Free, online conversation between director of …

29 Dicembre 2020 17:25

VIEW Conference 2021 Dates Announced!

View: October 17-22, 2021 Leggi il resto su: Read More …