27 Novembre 2020 23:23

BDzoom: « Le Scorpion » : adieu Marini, saluto Critone !

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27 Novembre 2020 22:56

Warner Bros. Hires Amy Friedman As Head Of Kids & Family Programming, Promotes Sundance Feniger

The announcements closely follow the news that responsibility for HBO …

27 Novembre 2020 22:45

Drag Icon and Disney Animator Channel ‘Mary Poppins’ in ‘Quarantine Dream’

Nina West and Dan Lund and team up again on an …

27 Novembre 2020 22:08

ActuaBD: Covid-19 et BD 2020 : du rififi dans les festivals

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27 Novembre 2020 22:07

Yoichi Kotabe, Renowned Animator And Character Designer, Gets Exhibition In Japan

With a career running from Miyazaki to Mario, Kotabe has …

27 Novembre 2020 22:05

2020 Raindance Immersive Winners Announced

Festival recognizes creators and game developers in XR; ‘The Devouring’ …

27 Novembre 2020 21:50

‘The Great Malaise’ Named Best Short at the Manchester Animation Festival

Top winners at yesterday’s virtual awards ceremony also included ‘Pearl …

27 Novembre 2020 21:20

GRANT Embraces Dizziness and Disorientation in ‘Vertigo’ Music Video

Berlin-based 3D animator Stacie Ant takes a minimalist approach to …

27 Novembre 2020 20:34

Tools Of The Trade: Gitanjali Rao on Corel Painter’s Frame Stacks

Welcome to our new series, in which industry artists and …

27 Novembre 2020 19:54

FIRST LOOK: ‘Castlevania’ Season 4 Sneak Peek

Powerhouse Animation director Samuel Deets shares two images featuring characters …

27 Novembre 2020 19:34

Anime Industry Grew To Record $24.1 Billion In 2019, Says Trade Body

Japan’s anime industry is growing, however, it expects fierce competition …

27 Novembre 2020 19:30

Podcast EP87: Everything You Wanted to Know About Animation Wild Card and The People Behind It

Co-creators Casey Follen, Alexis Deprey, and Cami Kwan discuss their …

27 Novembre 2020 19:30

WATCH: One of Us’ VFX Breakdown Reel for ‘We are Who We Are’

Studio delivers 400 shots across eight episodes; limited set of …

27 Novembre 2020 19:09

Video: Rencontre Live – Liberty Bessie avec Vincent et Jean-Blaise Djian

View on YouTube afnews.info segnala: La librairie Traits d’Esprits reçoit …

27 Novembre 2020 18:51

Casesdhistoire: Piments zoizos, la quête identitaire des enfants oubliés de la Réunion

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