18 Maggio 2020 19:53

Annecy 2020: il programma di lungometraggi e opere in VR

The Annecy Festival reveals the final part of its Official Selection and its juries!
For the very first time in its entire history, Annecy is doing an “Online” edition.

Following up from the previous announcements concerning the Official Selection, here are the films that will make up the Feature Film categories – Official and Contrechamp – and the VR Works selection.

The Official Selection’s Feature Films
76 films were submitted to our selection committees and to the Artistic Director, Marcel Jean. 20 films are competing in our two competitive sections. Among them, and apart from the usual producer countries (France Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc.), you will notice there is a film from Chile, Mauritius and Egypt.

The two French films are by Joann Sfar (Cristal for a Feature Film in 2011 for The Rabbi’s Cat) and Rémi Chayé (Audience Award in 2015 pour Long Way North).

Another notable attendance is the Russian master Andrey Khrzhanovsky (winner in 1995 for The Grey Bearded Lion).

We may find many female heroines in the scripts, but only one woman is at the helm in this selection: Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen with My Favorite War, based on the director’s personal story, who grew up in the USSR during the Cold War.

10 Feature Films in the Official competition L’officielle

The Nose or the Conspiracy of Mavericks Andrey Khrzhanovsky (Russia)
Kill It and Leave this Town Mariusz Willczynski (Poland)
Little Vampire Joann Sfar (France)
Jungle Beat: The Movie Brent Dawes (Mauritius)
Lupin III The First Takashi Yamazaki (Japan)
7 Days War Yuta Murano (Japan)
Ginger’s Tale Konstantin Scherkin (Russia)
Bigfoot Family Ben Stassen, Jérémie Degruson (Belgium, France)
Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary Rémi Chayé (France, Denmark)
Nahuel and the Magic Book German Acuña (Chile)

10 Feature Films in the Contrechamp competition

On Gaku: Our Sound! Kenji Iwaisawa (Japan)
The Old Man – The Movie Mikk Mägi, Oskar Lehemaa (Estonia)
Lava Ayar Blasco (Argentina)
Accidental Luxuriance of the Translucent Watery Rebus Dalibor Baric (Croatia)
Beauty Water Kyung-hun Cho (South Korea)
My Favorite War Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen (Latvia, Norway)
The Shaman Sorceress Jae-huun Ahn (South Korea)
The Legend of Hei Ping Zhang (China)
True North Eiji Han Shimizu (Japan, Indonesia)
The Knight and the Princess Bashir El Deek, Ibrahim Mousa (Saudi Arabia, Egypt)
“We would like to inform you that not all of the Feature Films in the Official competition and the Contrechamp category can be put online during the Annecy 2020. The financing conditions and session rights according to specific territories or markets prohibit certain films having unrestricted access. Therefore, in the event that certain films cannot be offered to all festivalgoers we have requested the producers provide a minimum 10-minute extract or to produce a short documentary presentation.
The jury members will of course have access to the films in their entirety.”
The Festival Management

7 VR Works selected
With 80 works received from 29 countries, the creativity and quality of international virtual reality production has been confirmed. After 2019 stood out with its dreamlike worlds, the 2020 selection seems to be the opposite, rooted in reality through stories (History even) and techniques (photorealism and stop motion especially). Out of the 7&nbps;films in competition, 2 of these films are directed by women, and a high French attendance that represents half the selection.

Among the selected works:

Minimum Mass Raqi Syed, Areito Echevarria (France, New Zealand)
The Orchid and the Bee Frances Adair McKenzie (Canada)
Saturnism Mihai Grecu (France, Romania)

In partnership with HTC Vive, and thanks to the support from the creators and producers of these works, some of this selection will be accessible on the Viveport platform.
More information coming soon.

Feature Films and VR Works Juries
They will be choosing the Cristal and Awards for the Feature Film categories – Official and Contrechamp – and VR Works categories.

Feature Films

Corinne DESTOMBES, Head of Development, Folimage, France
Benoit PAVAN, Journalist, Agence France-Presse, France
Dominique SEUTIN, Director, festival Anima, Belgium


Nicolas BLIES & Stéphane HUEBER-BLIES, Writer-Directors, a_BAHN, Luxembourg
Abi FEIJO, Producer, Director, Portugal
Joanna PRIESTLEY, Director, Priestley Motion Pictures, USA


Myriam ACHARD, Canada
Mathias CHELEBOURG, France
Brandon OLDENBURG, Chief Creative Officer, Flight School Studio, USA

More info here.