25 Luglio 2019 12:00

Master Universitario di Fumetto

Se segui diligentemente e spesso le ExtraNews di afNews.info nella barra laterale del sito o nella relativa pagina FaceBook, avrai già notato questa notizia. Per sicurezza la inserisco anche qui, a futura memoria per chi ne avesse bisogno.

The University of Valencia (Spain) launches the first Master in Comics and Education. This Master, with 60 ECTS credits (600h), is aimed to teaching and education professionals and aims to discover the new methodological possibilities provided by the language of comics for use in the classroom, from very different perspectives.
The course develops a complete approach to the use of comics in the classroom, introducing the universe of comics as a key element in reading education for different educational stages, promoting innovative practices, research and professional improvement in terms of the didactic use of comics.
The Master will approach the use of comics as a didactic and pedagogical methodology in the classroom, but also as a resource, with special attention to its use in different subjects, from the humanities to the sciences. Thus, the course is divided into transversal subjects of study of comics and their characteristics and others more specialized in fields of science, history, arts or literature.
The master’s degree is offered in a non-attendance mode, with on-line teaching through the university’s virtual classroom, so that students can establish their own monitoring rhythm through a complete collection of materials, resources and exercises.
The master’s degree is in Spanish.