15 Giugno 2019 08:06

Una Storia delle Fumettiste, in libreria

Il 21 giugno 2019, la casa editrice canadese Mosaic Press pubblica A History of Women Cartoonists di Mira Falardeau, che analizza il lavoro di grandi fumettiste e le loro esperienze nel settore per ricavarne suggerimenti e incoraggiamento per le fumettiste del futuro.

“In this volume, Mira Falardeau looks at the work of great women artists and their experiences in the industry to reveal advice and positive encouragement for future cartoonists. Heavily illustrated with cartoons and artwork from many of the best in the field, the book also asks serious questions about why there have been so few women cartoonists in the field of visual humor and if the digital age is opening more opportunities for female humorists. Falardeau is uniquely positioned to ask these questions. She has spent decades as an art historian, a specialist in visual humor, and the author of several books and essays on cartoonists and their history. She was also a former cartoonist herself—among the first generation of women in her field during the 1970s and 1980s. A History of Women Cartoonists is the first book to offer a truly global survey and analysis of the great women cartoonists of the last three decades—and a welcome addition to the history of comics and cartoons.”