7 Aprile 2019 11:09

Quirino Awards 2019: tutti i vincitori dei premi dedicati all’Animazione ibero-americana

  • Top prizes went to Brazil and Colombia, but Spain, Chile and Argentina also received awards.
  • “Tropical Virus”, “Jorel’s Brother – Be Broccoli!” and “Guaxuma” were recognized as Best Feature Film, Best Series and Best Short Film, respectively.
Nine animation works from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain were recognized in the second edition of the Ibero-American Quirino Animation Awards ceremony, which was held this Saturday, April 6, in the Tenerife Auditorium “Adán Martín”.

The Colombian production “Tropical Virus”, Santiago Caicedo’s feature debut, won the award for best feature film. Produced by Timbo Estudio, this an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by Power Paola. This 2D cut out black-and-white animation tells the coming of age story of Paola, a girl growing up between Cali and Quito within an atypical family. The film has had an extensive tour of international festivals, including the Berlinale, Annecy Festival and BAFICI, among others.

The Brazilian animated television series “Jorel’s Brother – Be Broccoli!” by Juliano Enrico (Copa Studio) won the prize in its category. Aimed at children’s audiences ( 7-11 years old), the series was co-produced with Cartoon Network, and it’s the network’s first animated production in Latin America. It is a 2D cut out animation series that shows the daily adventures of 9-year old Jorel’s brother and his eccentric family made up of his father, his mother, three siblings, two grandmothers and a dog.

The Brazilian short “Guaxuma”, by Nara Normande, received the top award in its category. It is a stop motion documentary that combines sand and puppets, among other elements, to tell a sensitive, intimate story. Guaxuma was co-produced by Vilarejo Filmes of Brazil, and Les Valseurs of France, and it’s actively doing the festival rounds around the world, including Annecy, IDFA, Ottawa and Clermont Ferrand.

Six other productions were recognized in the Quirino Awards ceremony: Spanish “Patchwork” by María Manero, “The Amazing Story of the Man Who Could Fly and Didn’t Know How” by Manuel Rubio, and “Black is Beltza” by Fermín Muguruza won Best School Short Film, Best Commissioned Animation, and Best Sound Design and Original Music awards, respectively. Argentina’s “Belisario – The Little Big Hero of the Cosmos” by Hernán Moyano, was recognized as the Best Innovative Work, Chilean production “The Wolf House” by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña received the Best Visual Development award, and the Best Animation Design prize went to “Paper Port – The Lives of Others” a Chile-Brazil-Colombia-Argentina co-production.

The international jury included director and screenwriter Alê Abreu, Pixar’s character art director Deanna Marsigliese, producer Gustavo Ferrada, Sola Media’s sales director Barbie Heusinger and Xilam Animation’s head of development Marie-Laurence Turpin. A total of 244 works from 16 countries were submitted to this second edition of the Quirino Awards and 25 competed as finalists in its nine categories.

Quirino Awards
The awards are named in honor of the creator of the first animated feature film, the Italian-Argentinian Quirino Cristiani, who in 1917 directed El Apóstol, an Argentinian production where 58,000 handmade drawings filmed in 35mm were used in conjunction with several miniature sets representing public buildings and the streets of the city of Buenos Aires.

The Quirino Awards have Cabildo de Tenerife as its main sponsor through the Tenerife Film Commission, reflecting the island’s determined commitment to animation over the years. Such commitment materializes in actual measures to support the booming local industry, the presence in the main international markets, and the promotion of the brand “Tenerife Isla Cartoon”, specific for this sector.

The initiative is also sponsored by ICEX Spain Export and Investment, the City Government of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Iberia Express, HP, Tangram Solutions, Proexca, and Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA); receives cooperation from ICAA, AECID, Ibermedia Program, Fundación Cultural Hispano Brasileña, Brazil Embassy, Portugal Embassy, Tenerife Auditorium, University of La Laguna, and RTVE; and has the support of DIBOOS, SAVE, Pixelatl, 3D Wire, Ventana Sur Animation!, La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana, Tenerife Moda, Annecy Festival and Polytechnic University of Valencia, as well as the associations APA – Asociación de Productoras de Animación de Córdoba Argentina; ANIMAR CLUSTER – Cluster de Animación Argentino & VFX; ABCA – Associação Brasileira de Cinema de Animação; Animachi Chile; GEMA Colombia – Grupo de Empresarios de Animación; Gremio de Animadores de Ecuador; ACDMX – Asociación de Creativos Digitales de México; Perú Animación, and Casa da Animação de Portugal.

  • Best Feature Film: Tropical Virus, directed by Santiago Caicedo. Based on the comic novel of Power Paola, and produced by Timbo Studio (Colombia)

  • Best Series: Jorel’s Brother – Be Broccoli! directed by Juliano Enrico. Produced by Copa Studio (Brazil)

  • Best Short Film: Guaxuma, directed by Nara Normande. Produced by Vilarejo Filmes, Les Valseurs (Brazil, in co-production with France)

  • Best School Short Film: Patchwork, directed by María Manero Muro. Universidad Politècnica de Valencia (Spain)

  • Best Animation Commissioned Film: The Amazing Story of the Man Who Could Fly and  Didn’t Know How directed by Manuel Rubio. Produced by Hiru Animation, Afterlife (Spain)

  • Best Animation Innovative Work: Belisario – The Little Big Hero of the Cosmos, directed by Hernan Moyano. Produced by Planetario Ciudad De La Plata (Argentina)

  • Best Visual Development Animation Work: The Wolf House (La Casa Lobo). Produced by Diluvio, Globo Rojo (Chile)

  • Best Animation Design: Port Paper (second season) – The Lives of OthersProduced by Zumbastico Studios, Gloob, Señal Colombia, Pakapaka (Chile, in co-production with Brazil, Colombia and Argentina)

  • Best Sound and Original Music: Black is Beltza. Produced by Black is Beltza A.I.E., Talka Records, Set Màgic Audiovisual (Spain)