12 Giugno 2018 23:14

Il Festival di Annecy sottoscrive il “patto di uguaglianza” con le Donne dell’Animazione: e l’Italia dov’è?

Patrick Eveno, CITIA CEO, with Le Deuxième Regard organisation, Women in Animation, Les Femmes s’Animent, and Mickaël Marin, CITIA Managing Director, Head of Economic Development & Mifa, and Marcel Jean, Artistic Director.

On Tuesday 12th June, Patrick Eveno, the CEO of CITIA, signed the 5050×2020 Charter for parity and diversity in film, audiovisual and animated images festivals. CITIA is thus continuing its commitment to a fair place for women within the Annecy International Animation Festival and, more generally, in the animated films sector, as well as reinforcing its wish to achieve parity within its own organisation.​

By signing the charter that was drawn up by the 5050×2020 organisation, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival is undertaking the following propositions:

Providing a genre-based breakdown of regular statistics, particularly in terms of the number of films that have been submitted for selection, in order to help the movement with data

Making transparent the list of members of its selection and programme committees:a suspicion of any lack of diversity and parity should be addressed, while allowing the Festivals to carry out their editorial and strategic choices in full.

Committing to a schedule of changes in Festival management authorities in order to achieve complete parity within a deadline set by the current mandate of these authorities.

Lunedi 11 giugno si è tenuto, durante la prima giornata del Festival di Annecy, il secondo Summit Mondiale delle Donne dell’Animazione.

A cause close to the heart of Annecy

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival has demonstrated its wish to carry out actions in the name of equality and allow a fair representation of women within the animation community. This wish can be found in the CITIA team just as much as the events that it holds.

Of the 35 permanent members of the Festival organisation, 21 are women and the objective of parity has been achieved in terms of heads of departments, with women at the head of 6 of 12 departments in the company.

The 42nd Festival continues its stance of being in favour of women but it is nevertheless aware that progress can still be made. In 2018, only 20% of feature films in official selection were directed or co-directed by women. For short films and graduation films, the proportion was 46%. Out of all the student badgeholders in 2018, more than 50% were female, thus demonstrating that women are from being a minority in this sector. Many events are honouring women in the industry, such as the Women in Animation World Summit, and the presentation of the Mifa Animation Industry Awards to the Women in Animation organisation.

In keeping with our commitment, as well as that of our company, CITIA, the Festival and Mifa, we wanted to confirm once again our wish to contribute to achieving parity within our institution in all aspects of the events that we organise and the projects that we lead.

I discovered the notion of allies in the programme of the Women in Animation World Summit that took place on Monday 11th June. I would like to think that CITIA can be an ally and even an activist in the movement for parity. This is why, without any hesitation, we have willingly accepted to sign the 5050 Charter for 2020 – for parity and diversity in film, audiovisual and animated images festivals.

Patrick Eveno, CEO of CITIA

Out of the 740 films that have received awards at Annecy since 1960, only 20% were films directed or co-directed by women.

This figure is a symbol that reveals a lot about a completely anachronic state of affairs. The world has changed and evolved, and we want to take part in and strengthen these changes! In particular, we are asking ourselves questions, changing customs. practices and habits…

In addition to the presentation of the Mifa Animation Industry Award to Women in Animation, we would like to include our voice with theirs and say to them that we will always be alongside them to make people aware and shake the established order in order to achieve parity, or equal opportunities at any rate, which is our aspiration.

Our industry knows how to tell nice stories. It also needs to commit to making some changes.

Mickaël Marin, CITIA Managing Director, Head of Economic Development & Mifa