6 Ottobre 2016 13:08

Usagi Yojimbo 158: anteprima

Mai letti questi fumetti? Oh… Allora dai un’occhiata a questa anteprima, su. Creata da Stan Sakai, la serie è assai apprezzata, persino da Stan Lee, come puoi leggere in coda…

Writer/Artist: Stan Sakai
During an intense famine, Usagi comes across a mother and son being accosted by bandits. After rescuing them, he escorts them on a treacherous journey to reunite with her husband—to an outlying mountain range rife with unpredictable weather and aggressive, starving animals! Just when Usagi thinks all of their troubles are behind them, he learns their hidden secret . . .
* A new one-issue story!
“One of the most original, innovative, well-executed comic books anywhere to be found.” —Stan Lee
Format: FC, 24 pages; Ongoing
Price: $3.99