6 Ottobre 2016 19:02

Dan Dare, torna anch’egli, con Titan Comics!

Se lo si fa come si deve, c’è spazio anche per i ritorni, ovviamente. Il britannico Dan Dare, fumetto del 1950, è previsto per il 2017, anche in digitale ovviamente.

“We wanted to bring back the spirit of the classic Dan Dare, that spirit of courage and daring do, Dare’s innate decency and pluck. There have been many different Dares since the original,” ha detto David Leach a New York, “We’ve had our dark and political Dare, the Grandson of Dare and even a sort of space pirate Dare, but this incarnation will be the original Dare – that young, heroic, brave and determined Dare that we came to love. We wanted to get back to what made him special in the first place. And what better way to do that in than a rollicking, epic, galaxy-spanning space saga!”