Disney Comics, esce in inglese la Storia Completa dei Fumetti Disney!

Accolto dai colleghi anglofoni con entusiastici commenti, ecco Disney Comics: The Whole History di Alberto Becattini. Un must assoluto per chi ama il fumetto targato Disney. Una ricerca durata una vita! Con tanto di monumentale indice.

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Ma… quello in copertina sembrerebbe Alberto da piccolo… Uhm…
E la simpatica foto di Alberto adulto mi ricorda belle giornate

Qui di seguito la presentazione ufficiale:

An Encyclopedic Reference of Disney Comics
From the United States to Italy, from France and Spain to Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and beyond, noted comics historian Alberto Becattini traces the evolution of Disney comics around the world in the most authoritative, comprehensive treatment of the “Disney funnies” ever put into print. Becattini chronicles not just the comics themselves but their creators, beginning with Floyd Gottfredson and Carl Barks and continuing through their countless disciples, including Romano Scarpa, Claude Marin, and Daniel Branca. With its monumental index and thorough bibliography, Disney Comics is an indispensable tool for researchers and scholars, but also an epic, entertaining read for anyone who has thrilled to the adventures of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and the hundreds of other Disney comics stars.

Ed ecco il commento dell’esperto Didier Ghez:

Disney Comics – The Whole Story has finally been released in English thanks to Theme Park Press. Alberto Becattini is THE worldwide Disney-comics expert (along with David Gerstein) and his book is THE definite history of Disney comics around the world. A “must have” which feels a huge Disney history gap.

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