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Grande Concorso manga MAGIC! Verrai pubblicato in Giappone su Shonen Jump

Monaco Anime Game International Conferences, Shibuya e Shueisha organizzano il concorso, gratuito e aperto a tutti, che prevede la pubblicazione su Shonen Jump e l’ospitalità in Giappone per un mese:

Shibuya Productions and SHUEISHA Inc. are sponsoring a manga creation contest as part of the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) in partnership with Shibuya International.

The contest is free and open to all.

Entry forms should be submitted by email to mangacontest@magic-ip.com, along with a scanned image file of these signed terms and conditions and a link to a server where we can download your full work.

The shortlisting Judges are:

– Mrs. Sahé CIBOT (Managing Director of Shibuya International)
– Mr. Hervé TROUILLET (Artistic Director for Shibuya Productions)
– Mr. Cédric BISCAY (President of Shibuya Productions and sponsor of the MAGIC event)

Additional members may be included to this panel of judges. They will be announced on the official MAGIC website.

The day of the final selection, the panel of judges will be:

– Mr. Yoshihisa HEISHI (Chief Editor for Shônen Jump)
– Mr. Shuhei HOSONO (Assistant Editor for Shônen Jump and manager of the Shônen Jump + website)
– Nobuhiro Watsuki (He is the author of Rurōni Kenshin. )
– Mrs. Sahé CIBOT (Managing Director of Shibuya International)
– Mr. Hervé TROUILLET (Artistic Director for Shibuya Productions)

The final list of both panels of judges will be announced on the official MAGIC website www.magic-ip.com

Watsuki-san will not attend MAGIC 2017, but the winner of the contest will meet him in Japan and benefit precious advices. Other mangaka will be here as jury in Monaco 18th February 2017.

For reasons beyond control, Shibuya Productions may have to modify this schedule – any change will be announced on the magic-ip.com website which participants are advised to visit on a regular basis, as well as by email, 15 days to the event at the latest.

The contest dates will be as follows:

  • From April 4th to September 15th 2016 – Registrations and submissions
  • September 30th – Submission deadline. All entry forms submitted after September 30th 2016 at 12:00 am CET will be rejected.
  • From October 1st to October 30th 2016 – Shortlist of 10 stories by the shortlisting judges
  • Tuesday November 7th 2016 – Announcement of the selected stories
  • From November 8th 2016 to January 10th 2017 – Translation of the selected 10 stories into Japanese
  • January 10th 2017 – Submission to SHUEISHA Inc.
  • February 18th 2017 – Deliberations of the judges in the presence of the selected artists to determine the winner and their heir apparent.

Do you want to register ? Download Terms and Conditions HERE.

To be valid, these have to be initialled and signed !

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