12 Luglio 2016 18:55

San Diego 2016: chicche per collezionisti

Diamond Comic Distributors is offering over 25 extremely limited PREVIEWS exclusives for this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego (July 20-24). The list includes several variants of Marvel’s current hit, Civil War II, an exclusive Outcast cover from Image just in time for the show’s premiere on Cinemax, a slew of Diamond Select Toys items, and more!! Comic-Con attendees will be able to preview the items at the Diamond PREVIEWSworld booth #2401 and purchase from participating retailers on the show floor.  “Diamond will be showcasing the con exclusive items at the PREVIEWS booth, and then we’ll guide fans to retailers who have the exclusives available for purchase on the show floor,” said Diamond’s Director of Marketing, Dan Manser. “These items are extremely limited and a big reason why fans look forward to coming to Comic-Con International: San Diego each year.”For more information and to pick up our one-sheet listing retailers on the show floor where you can purchase our SDCC PREVIEWS Exclusives, make sure to visit the Diamond PREVIEWSworld Booth #2401…

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