11 Luglio 2016 11:42

Il Cammino di MILA prosegue: continuiamo ad accompagnarla!


WE’RE FULLY FUNDED in our Indiegogo campaign!

A huge thanks to EACH OF YOU for sharing, donating and sending the love towards this endeavor! As you know, we are full steam ahead and working hard in animation, CFX, Lighting, FX, End Credits, Vis Dev, etc. and with this money we’ll be able to get render stations, software, continue paying for our file sharing program at Box.com, have a gorgeous film and help children around the world!!


Moving forward, there’s still more work to do not only to complete the film but in promoting it as well and other costs that are coming up, so we are now InDemand on Indiegogo and will be offering some of our amazing perks and some new ones over the next several months to continue to help funding our efforts in getting Mila completed and out into the world, to show this beautiful film and make a difference in the world.

We’re InDemand now! If you missed out on getting some perks, there are some still up on our new InDemand page! https://goo.gl/geZ67M


We are now considered to be InDemand on Indiegogo which allows us to continue to soft fundraise and offer perks in order to continue to help raise money for stretch goals such as:

RECORDING SPACE for our musicians in Italy when we record the music for the film

MORE RENDER STATIONS to set up our Co-Producer, Pixel Cartoon up for success

MARKETING AND PROMOTIONAL NEEDS which is HUGE since the only way to get people to see our film is to promote it, rent the theaters for screenings, festival submissions, DVD copies of the film, posters, press releases, and more!

We have just reached a Herculean milestone and we really need your help to keep moving us forward!