6 Luglio 2016 23:07

MILA is 90% funded! Just another step in the right direction, folks!


Wow! What an amazing campaign, we are so grateful to our gracious backers. You have really shown us you care not only about the film, but also in making a difference in children’s lives!

This keeps us motivated to keep pushing hard everyday, so THANK YOU!


We’re at 90%!!!!

We’re almost there, so thank you again for sharing, increasing your donations and just sending out your positive energy!!

News: http://www.italoamericano.org/story/2016-6-24/mila-corto

We have a lot more planned for Mila, which we will share with you in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for our updates and our social media posts!


3 more days! Let’s Do This! #LetsMakeADifference

Share our campaign! http://goo.gl/geZ67M