@annecyfestival 2016: al MIFA prima assemblea degli European Animation Awards

The “European Animation Awards” would like to reward the animation industry by being the main event throughout 40 countries.

The first ceremony will be held in 2017 to ward the skills of European professionals. The awards will be voted by the EAA members, representing a large vision of European professionals. It aims to be considered as the highest animation film honour in Europe, similar to the famous Annie Awards in the US, which deeply inspired it.

Each year through forums and festivals, European artistic talents, authors, directors, producers and distributors have many opportunities to meet each other but there is no specific “family” celebration, one that would bring together all professionals that contribute to the excellence of European animation skills and expertise.


The First General Assembly has taken place today, during MIFA and Festival of Annecy, hosted by L’Impérial Palace Verdi A&B.

The panel was made up of Peter Lord (Chairman), Didier Brunner (Vice-Chairman), Jean-Paul Commin (General Secretary), Ton Crone (Treasurer), Denis Walgentwitz and Olivier Catherin.