10 Giugno 2016 10:11

Un film sulla vita di Tove Jansson (creatrice dei Moomin) e uno dal suo Il Libro dell’Estate

… A biography movie of Tove Jansson has been prepared behind the closed doors for many years. Production company Helsinki-filmi has signed an agreement with Jansson’s heirs and the filming is scheduled to start in 2018. The film is produced by Annika Sucksdorff together with Aleksi Bardy. Bardy also leads the group of scriptwriters, Jarno Elonen and Eeva Putro…

Leggi e vedi il resto su: A biography movie of Tove Jansson produced in Finland & a movie based on Jansson’s Summer Book in England – Moomin : Moomin


Tove Jansson nel 1956
Tove Jansson nel 1956