10 Giugno 2016 11:58

Per la “rinascita” di Angoulême quel che non manca sono le proposte

Patrick Mardikian, son of the co-founder of the festival, John Mardikian, has proposed an alternative solution…. “Our thinking is nourished by our knowledge of the business of comics and events, our meetings with stakeholders in the profession, publishers, authors, booksellers, scholars, elected officials, …We want a sustainable event and share the festive spirit which becomes a priority. We want a meeting which projects light on all the trends in comics worldwide.We want to rebuild trust with the private partners offer innovative joint actions. We want a festival where the authors return to the center of reflection, including the revitalization of the Academy of Great Angoulême prize and the festival boosts their business.We want an official selection established in a transparent and clear ranking for the public and professionals. Finally we want the festival breathes dynamics throughout the year and it bears the name of Angouleme beyond the ramparts. We want it to work with employees, locals, festival, holders of essential expertise and with the International City of comics and image, must pool resources and skills.We are ready to take up the gauntlet for a new festival with the support of all who place particular importance to this event.” …

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E leggi anche questo, con il grosso delle proposte già fatte:

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