15 Maggio 2016 18:17

Barks “A Christmas for Shacktown”: se Zio Paperone fosse una persona reale, farebbe davvero schifo

E forse era proprio questo il messaggio di Barks ai suoi lettori: non comportatevi mai come un capitalista spietato come lui! Già, perché, con tutti i suoi fantastiliardi, avrebbe potuto tranquillamente risolvere definitivamente ogni problema della bidonville di Paperopoli, altro che una cena e un trenino a Natale (peraltro, intendeva dare solo 25 dollari come contributo parziale alla spesa per il Natale dei poveri, e solo dopo che gli altri paperi avessero trovato i primi 25 dollari necessari). L’interessante blog Ducks Comics Revue ne discusse nel 2009:

… A right-wing type–the kind who doesn’t mind looking like an asshole in the name of principle (the principle being: “I’m a dickhead!”) would object: “He EARNED that money! Why should he have to give any of it away? Theft! Coercion! Communism!”. I really don’t feel that there’s any need to engage with such a morally bankrupt attitude, but I’m enough of a socialist that I’ll just go ahead and say, no, he bloody well SHOULDN’T get to keep it all! Human beings are more important than money! If there were a hell, Ayn Rand would be rotting in it right now! Fortunately, this isn’t really an issue, since he generally doesn’t live in a world in which he’s surrounded by human suffering on a massive scale. And as long as this is the case, we can root for him and enjoy watching him swimming in massive seas of cash. Let’s just remember to separate fantasy from reality, all right?…

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