5 Maggio 2016 17:29

Premio Max und Moritz: i candidati – premio alla carriera a Claire Brétecher

… the Max And Moritz Prize nominees were posted, along with this year’s special-award winners. Joining past winners like Pierre Christin, Robert Crumb and Albert Uderzo for that program’s special lifetime achievement prize is the great humor cartoonist Claire Brétecher. Brétecher was in the news earlier this year during the “zero worthy female nominees” fiasco at the French-language festival in Angouleme as someone who was obviously, overwhelmingly qualified for their standard Grand Prix award and resulting festival presidency. Keeping in mind not everyone agrees on the value and utility of awards, I say give Brétecher all the awards there are to give. I was glad to hear she’s going to get this one. Other special awards look like they’re going to the post-Hebdo Luz memoir Katharsis and to the Berlin-based publisher Avant-Verlag…

The standard awards program has its nominees list:

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