Artella: dal 10 maggio cambia il modo di produrre animazione

“Over the last few years we’ve been figuring how to make online production easier and accessible to artists and studios. Here is a small video showcasing some of the involvement of very talented friends and industry peers. Thanks to the hard working crew at Artella, my wonderful partner/producer Sasha Korellis and our fantastic La Noria crew for their support.” (Carlos Baena)


We are thrilled to share the official launch date of Artella with you – May 10th. Your support will enable Artella to change the creative landscape forever.

To celebrate the upcoming launch we made this video showcasing artists currently using Artella and featuring some of the content being created through the platform. This video shares the spirit and motivation behind our vision. We hope you enjoy it.

This video shares the spirit and motivation behind our vision and showcases some of the incredible artists currently using Artella. Support our launch announcement on Thunderclap:

We are incredibly thankful to Amir Hedayah, from Egypt, who created the amazing original score. Jessica who did the fantastic voice work and all the artists who submitted footage for this trailer.  We hope you enjoy.


Every once in a while something comes along that fundamentally changes how we think and interact with the world. The internet gave us the ability to be connected. Film, video games and virtual reality content entertains and ignites our imaginations. Being a part of the creation that goes into this type of content has been limited to only a few geographical locations. Until now.

Artella gives you the ability to be part of the magic of creating animated films, video games and virtual reality content no matter where you live. An open studio in the cloud for you to grow your skills and be a part of something truly inspiring.

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