5 Gennaio 2016 11:00

Aiutiamo Fifinella a spiccare ancora il volo


[Nota del Gatto: nell’immagine sopra, in basso a destra, la riconoscete Fifinella, la maliarda e ardita femmina di gremlin ideata da Disney per la mai realizzata trasposizione animata del celebre racconto di Roald Dahl? Il personaggio divenne la mascotte delle Women Airforce Service Pilots, ed apparve su molti dei giubbotti di volo delle cosiddette “WASP”, oltre che sul muso di alcuni bombardieri.]

From Oscar-nominated Director Matia Karrell & The Red Door Films. The EPIC scripted TV miniseries in development about the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), the first American women to fly for the Armed Forces during WWII. Bold, courageous, inspiring!


Fly Girls will be a groundbreaking mini-series of epic proportions, that will illustrate the world, the nation, and most importantly, the women and men who made this chapter in our country’s history possible.The contributions to our war effort was not made by a few or a select group but by both men and women across this nation and around the world. Many who have been forgotten or denied their rightful place in our history will now be remembered.


Website: http://flygirlstheseries.com.

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