7 Dicembre 2015 15:00

“The Dam Keeper” nelle scuole per imparare il linguaggio dell’amicizia

The Dam Keeper Educational Project

Tonko Houses new educational project brings the The Dam Keeper short film to the classroom as educational discussion material framing topics such as bullying, friendship, and more.


Tonko House is currently working with the San Francisco Film Society on a pilot program that brings The Dam Keeper short film to the classroom. Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo found the experience of visiting the first round of public schools in 2014 to be one of their most defining and memorable moments since starting the Tonko House studio.


In this character development workshop, students engage in candid discussions on leadership, friendship, and common social issues such as bullying, reacting to the film not only as a piece of entertainment, but also as a story they deeply emotionally identified with. For more information or to learn more about this program, please contact us: education@tonkohouse.com.