Peter Lord presidente dei neonati European Pride Awards

Gathered in Paris for the constituent General Assembly, hosted at and in the presence of the CNC, the founders (Didier Brunner, Olivier Catherin, Jean-Paul Commin, and Denis Walgenwitz) and the first members announced the creation of an association, the “European Animation Pride Awards”.


The Board of Directors elected at this meeting consists of: Peter Lord (director/producer, Aardman, United Kingdom) as President, Jean-Paul Commin (consultant and former producer/distributor, France) as General Secretary, Marie Bro (producer, Dansk Tegnefilm, Denmark), Didier Brunner (producer, Folivari, Vice President of the film association SPFA, France) and Paul Young (producer, Cartoon Saloon, Ireland) as Co-Chairs, and Ton Crone (director of the VNAP, Association of Dutch Animation Producers, the Netherlands) as Treasurer. The other members of the Board are Olivier Catherin (director of Noranim, France), Doris Cloven (director of Anima Festival, Belgium), Juan Carlos Concha (director/producer, Apeman Studio, Spain), Fabrice Fouquet (director/storyboarder, President of Agraf, France), Odile Perrin (coordinator, Gobelins School of the Image, France), Stephan Roelants (producer, Melusine productions, Luxembourg), Michael Rose (producer, Magic Light Pictures, United Kingdom), Luc Toutounghi (producer, Se-Ma-For, Poland), Denis Walgenwitz (director and President of  the AFCA, France).

The Association wishes to express this quote by Mark Twain: “They did not know it was impossible so they did it”.

While various European countries have their own film awards — the BAFTA in the U.K., the César Award in France, the Goya in Spain — none of those are animation-specific, and further, they are limited in their geographical reach. The Cartoon d’Or does recognize animated shorts from across Europe, but it is a single award for short film, and not a full slate of awards. The EAPAs are intended to fill the gap — a pan-European award that will recognize a broad range of animated projects and filmmakers… continua qui: