21 Giugno 2015 11:44

Persistence of Vision: il documentario su Richard Williams (Roger Rabbit et al.)


Striving to make the greatest animated film of all time, visionary animator Richard Williams (Academy Award-winning animation director of Who Framed Roger Rabbit) toiled for nearly three decades on his masterpiece, The Thief and the Cobbler — only to have it torn from his hands.
Filmmaker Kevin Schreck has woven together mind-blowing animation, rare archival footage, and and exclusive interviews with key animators and artists who worked with Williams on his ill-fated magnum opus to bring this legendary story to the screen.
Honored with virtually universal acclaim at over 70 international film festivals and other venues on four continents, Persistence of Vision is an award-winning tale of art, obsession, dreams, and the untold story of the greatest animated film never made.
Engrossing.  Kevin Schreck’s superb documentary is a surprisingly suspenseful portrait.”
– Jeff Shannon, The Seattle Times
“[a] fascinating slice of film history”
– Alissa Simon, Variety
– The Hollywood Reporter
– Marsha Lederman, The Globe and Mail
An amazing film about an amazing artist.  Rush out and see Persistence of Vision.”
Bill Plympton, acclaimed animator
Grade: ‘A’… [a] Herculean accomplishment
– Drew Taylor, indieWire
“[a] heartbreaking documentary about a staggering genius.”
– Hubert Vigilla, Flixist
Here’s the trailer:  https://vimeo.com/38413085

PERSISTENCE OF VISION – Trailer from Kevin Schreck on Vimeo.

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Link to purchase the two-disc, limited edition DVD set, complete with 3.5 hours of bonus materials (including Williams’ original workprint in its entirety and in high quality).  Shipping internationally!: http://bit.ly/PoVDVDs
• Optional English language subtitles for Persistence of Vision
• Original 1992 workprint of Richard Williams’ The Thief and the Cobbler in its entirety 
• Q&A with director Kevin Schreck recorded at DePaul University in Chicago 
• Q&A with The Thief and the Cobbler animator Steve Evangelatos at the Vancouver International Film Festival 
• Montage of pencil tests and rough animation from The Thief and the Cobbler
• 8 deleted scenes 
• 4 international TV clips 
• Original Persistence of Vision international festival trailer
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