31 Dicembre 2014 08:01

Nel 2015, vai a Bruxelles!

Foto Daniel Fouss

 Potrai vedere, fra il resto, la mostra permanente dedicata ai Puffi! Aperta il 3 ottobre 2014, è ora lì ad aspettarti. Per invogliarti, ti mostriamo anche qualche foto di Daniel Fouss, in coda al post. Trovi i dettagli per la visita qui: www.comicscenter.net. Divertimento assicurato!

Così è stata ufficialmente presentata la nuova sala:
The Peyo Room, which is opening this coming 3 October 2014 in part of the former Museum of the Power of Imagination, is a new permanent exhibition organised by the Belgian Comic Strip Center on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The exhibition, which will be much appreciated by both young and old, has been designed by the BCSC teams in close liaison with Papa Smurf and IMPS, his representatives among humankind. Visitors arriving on the first floor of the Museum will immediately have their attention drawn to the 100 portraits of the Smurfs – as they are all different – which are presented on a panel measuring more than 20 m2 and suspended just above the permanent exhibition of their creator. This very large image is intended to ‘balance out the volumes’ around the lightwell, as it is equal in size to the image of the Château de Moulinsart, located just opposite, by the exit from the Hergé Room. So, wherever the people visiting the Comic Strip Museum may have come from, they will immediately be faced with the two most famous graphic art successes in the world – born in Belgium. The new permanent BCSC exhibition, host to a plethora of little-­‐known information and documents on this comic strip giant, complete with a highly realistic 3D Smurf village, will be a delight to children as they will be able to enter a Smurf house and play and have fun with their favourite friends. A co-­production of BCSC-­IMPS. Peyo or the meteoric success of a storyteller Peyo (Pierre Culliford, 1928-­‐1992), who is probably the most famous Belgian graphic artist on the planet, initially was not the most talented among his peers, however. He was less of a virtuoso compared to Franquin and Morris, who were his colleagues at studio CBA in 1945, but it soon became clear that he had an exceptional talent for storytelling. After hesitantly launching the Johan page in the ‘La Dernière Heure’ newspaper and the kitten ‘Poussycat’ in the newspaper ‘Le Soir’, he joined the comic magazine ‘Spirou’ in 1952, where he created the medieval series ‘Johan and Peewit’. This enabled him to show off his talent as a scriptwriter and his drawing, which would soon become very effective and striking due to its extreme clarity. In 1958, in one particular ‘Johan and Peewit’ story, he created a tribe of little blue creatures, which he subsequently named Smurfs. The Spirou comic readership immediately adopted these small imps, which are terribly cute and funny. With the assistance of his Chief Editor, Yvan Delporte, Peyo then launched into writing independent Smurf stories. He soon had to call upon his fellow graphic artists for help in order to be able to meet public demand. The machine had been set in motion, with the production of Smurf figures, as well as cartoon films, combined with all the advertising and merchandising of the characters. In Hollywood, the young daughter of the CBS television channel director could not be separated from her Smurf soft toy. That is when the Hanna-­‐Barbera studios conquered the world with the Smurf cartoon films, supervised by Peyo who became ill as a result. When he passed away, his team continued this frantic adventure, multiplying this success through merchandising, cinema, and the comic strip, of course.
JC De La Royère, Curator