29 Novembre 2014 15:22

Mostra a Bruxelles: Rosinski from Poland


“The first thing is his emotions about graphic art in his early childhood. At the age of 10 or thereabouts, he finds himself leafing through some strange magazine, coming from the side of Europe. He does not understand a word of it but the magazine literally leaves him dumbfounded. In the matter of a few pages, this solitary boy sees a dizzying and exciting abyss opening up beneath his feet. He himself then starts imagining new worlds; worlds inhabited by pirates and buccaneers, bustling with cowboys, high sea adventurers, spaceships, and strange animals. This is Grzegorz Rosinski, who later in life would become the illustrator of the comic strip Thorgal.
Curators: Patrick Gaumer & Piotr Rosinski.
With the support of the Brussels-Capital Region and the Polish Institute of Brussels”

Dal 2 dicembre 2014 al 31 maggio 2015 al Centro Belga del Fumetto, Museo del Fumetto di Bruxelles.

Info: http://www.comicscenter.net/