5 Settembre 2014 19:51

DOFUS celebrates its 10th anniversary


“Roubaix, France – 05 September 2014: Famous online game DOFUS celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. Ankama is organizing a big contest in honor of the occasion. The publisher is also launching a program designed to reward the loyalty of players and a new game mode, presenting a high challenge.


Launched in September 2004, DOFUS is one of the few massively online role playing games created back then still in operation and still being updated and developed. Today, it has 2.5 million active players each month, spread over 150 countries, and it has been adapted into comic books, an animated TV series, board games… A full-length movie, ‘DOFUS – Book 1: Julith’, is also in production.
With ten years of existence and so many fans, Ankama had to elaborate a program rewarding its most loyal players: the veteran rewards, implemented at the end of September. For every year of subscription, the player will get 5 gifts; the system is both retroactive and cumulative. No matter how long and how many times the player has interrupted his subscription, they will still be rewarded. So, some players will receive as many as 50 gifts (such as emotes, sets, petmounts, and pets) this month. More details on the dedicated page.

In addition to the veteran rewards, players will also be able to win items designed specifically for this anniversary via a big contest, taking place from September 11th to October 16th 2014. It will put to the test the knowledge of the players while doing a retrospective of the past ten years with anecdotes and other information, which will all form a timeline.
A new game mode is launched on the Epic Server: death there is permanent when the character dies in a battle against a monster (but not when fighting another player). At the end of September, players will also tread upon a new Divine Dimension, Xelorium, home of the God who controls time. On the menu: new dungeons, new quests, new monsters and new items.
DOFUS has reached a large audience over the past ten years, but Ankama does not intend to stop there. A streaming version of the game is under development. It will be playable by everyone later in September.”




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  1. E fare ‘sta benedetta terza serie di ‘Wakfu’ per festeggiare no? Vogliamo davvero arrenderci al fatto che per una volta che in Europa si stesse facendo una serie animata per adolescenti che piaceva molto anche all’estero questa non può andare avanti perché stava iniziando a affrontare situazioni troppo serie?
    Non resta che sperare in Kickstarter e che almeno esca in Dvd. Ma che tristezza!

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