24 Maggio 2013 09:57

Fortunello: muratore trova fumetto raro, 100.000…

act1.9302aMuratore trova una copia di Action Comics 1 (quello famosissimo col primo Superman) durante una ristrutturazione. Ora è all’asta per oltre 100.000 dollari. Invidiosi, eh? Ma dai, per una volta la fortuna ha raggiunto un umile lavoratore, meno male. Ma ora, presto! Tutti a ristrutturare!

“… The most important comic book in the history of comic books… Probably the most unusual copy of this comic we’ve ever offered, this 1938 holy grail of Superman comic books was found hidden in the wall of an abandoned home. The owner, a humble and hardworking contractor, named Gonzales, has spent years tearing down old walls and putting up new ones for his home-renovation clients. He’s made a habit of leaving a quarter or dollar bill behind them, thinking that sometime in the future, someone will find his treasure and wonder who put it there. But the “hidden treasure” in the walls of the first home he’d ever purchased and renovated on his own yielded the most unusual find he could have imagined. When renovation began on the house, which was built in 1938, he and his crew started finding old newspapers from the 1930s used as insulation in the walls. But he also found a comic book, which stood out to him, because it had Superman on the cover. Curious, Gonzales looked up the comic book online-and discovered it was Action Comics 1-Superman’s first appearance.  Now free from its confines after more than seventy years, this copy, though showing the effects of its long service as insulation, boasts bright, sparkling colors and sturdy off-white pages. ComicConnect has become the undisputed industry leader in selling copies of this seminal issue, including holding sales records for the most expensive copies ever sold. With ComicConnect’s worldwide reputation and monumental client base at its disposal, the sky’s the limit for this attractive copy, which will appeal to collectors looking for an affordable example in attractive condition. This hidden treasure’s provenance will only intensify interest in this fantastic book and the auction as a whole…”

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