3 Maggio 2013 10:19

Il cartone animato più piccolo del mondo? Voilà!

tumblr_mlqfsg6cD81sp4m63o1_400Potete godervelo facendo click qui, questo cartone a livello atomico e, se siete degli animatori  potete sognare di realizzarne uno anche voi, magari più bello… sempre che siate in grado di usare la strumentazione adeguata. Scoprite tutti i dettagli facendo click qui. Fantastico, vero? Questa è scienza! Fantastica scienza, non fantascienza. “In order to make the movie, the atoms were moved with an IBM-invented scanning tunneling microscope.  “This Nobel Prize winning tool was the first device that enabled scientists to visualize the world all the way down to single atoms,” said Christopher Lutz, Research Scientist, IBM Research. “It weighs two tons, operates at a temperature of negative 268 degrees Celsius and magnifies the atomic surface over 100 million times. The ability to control the temperature, pressure and vibrations at exact levels makes our IBM Research lab one of the few places in the world where atoms can be moved with such precision.” Remotely operated on a standard computer, IBM researchers used the microscope to control a super-sharp needle along a copper surface to “feel” atoms. Only 1 nanometer away from the surface, which is a billionth of a meter in distance, the needle can physically attract atoms and molecules on the surface and thus pull them to a precisely specified location on the surface. The moving atom makes a unique sound that is critical feedback in determining how many positions it’s actually moved. As the movie was being created, the scientists rendered still images of the individually arranged atoms, resulting in 242 single frames.” Buon divertimento.