10 Gennaio 2010 12:11

Lucky Luke: un cameo in un western turco parodistico

yahshi.bati.01 E’ il nostro corrispondente Murat Mihcioglu a segnalarcelo, scrivendoci da una terra in cui il fumetto europeo (francese, e italiano in particolare) trova spazio anche a livello della cultura popolare. Tanto che è stato normale, per il regista, inserire in questo film, Yahshi Bati (Il meraviglioso West) proprio Lucky Luke, in carne e ossa. Il famoso personaggio di Morris e Goscinny era già stato, sempre in Turchia, oggetto di un film ad hoc.

Cem Yilmaz, the comedy king of Turkey strikes once again with the kind of humor yahshi.bati.02that targets 21st century Turks as its audience – but this time, the heroes narrated in the movie are two Ottoman secret agents from the late 19th century. In their quest to reclaim the Sultan’s present to the president of the USA (a huge diamond) which is stolen from them. On the way to the White House (but surprisingly around Arkansas, far from Washington) the two make new friends and enemies… Yahshi Bati (“The Beautiful West”, rhyming with the Earlier.Turkish.Lucky.LukeTurkish phrase for “The Wild West”) borrows elements and style from humoristic comic books as well: Cem Yilmaz combines clichés of the wild west with today’s concerns – just like Goscinny and Morris had done in some Lucky Luke adventures. But not just that: Lucky Luke appears in flesh and blood as a cameo in a scene from the movie! Way back in 1970, Izzet Gunay had starred in a Turkish movie adaptation of Lucky Luke by Aram Gulyuz… This time it’s just a cameo, but with better taste and higher production quality. Further info about this entertaining amalgam by Cem Yilmaz and his team can be found at www.yahsibati.com , which is the official web site of the box office hit. [Article by Murat Mihcioglu]