17 Settembre 2009 00:48

La vera storia del sessantenne BipBip!

Ilaro Vernelli, che ringraziamo, ci segnala il video “casalingo” in cui Martha Goldman Sigall (premiata con il Lifetime Achievement Annie award nel 2005) racconta al figlio i divertenti retroscena della creazione del Roadrunner BipBip! perennemente inseguito dal vile coyote Wile E. Coyote. Potete scoprire tutto vedendo il video qui di seguito.

“Martha Goldman Sigall worked at the Termite Terrace, Leon Schlesinger’s Studios in 1949 when the Roadrunner was created by Mike Maltese. He had seen roadrunners around the pool at Desert Hot Springs and was inspired.The first Roadrunner cartoon was Fast and Furry-ous (1949). Background artist Paul Julian was known to say “beep, beep” when trying to get around people in the hallway. Maltest thought that would be a good sound for the Roadrunner. Julian was recorded but never paid or credited for saying beep beep.Martha Sigall worked in animation for 53 years and when she was 88, published Living Life inside the lines: Tales from the golden age of animation. It’s available from Amazon.com. In 2005, she was given a Lifetime Achievement Annie award.Her son, Bob Sigall, recorded this in her home studio in Culver City California in June of 2009… ” Full article: click here.