28 Maggio 2009 00:55

Convegno su Infanzia e Media

bambini - photo Goria - clickI nostri corrispondenti negli USA ci segnalano questo convegno sul rapporto tra infanzia e media. Come potete leggere qui di seguito, partecipano creatori, autori, educatori ecc., per cercare di offrire un panorama il più completo possibile, visto anche dall’ottica di chi lavora con e per l’infanzia.

Children and Media from a Media Perspective. Saturday May 30th, 3pm, The ToonSeum at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The ToonSeum presents a panel discussion on the impact and influence of media and interactivity on children from a media perspective. While there are often panels from the academic point of view, this unique panel will bring expertise from the creators and performers who entertain and educate our children. Topics will include the influence of interactivity on children’s media, entertainment vs. education for children and more. Panelist include: Jim Martin, Director of Sesame Street, Bear in the Big Blue House, and puppeteer of Gary Gnu of the Great Space Coaster. Judy Sladky, Sesame Street Performer as Alice the Snuffalupagus and close personal friend of Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games, the creative force behind popular online communities Pixie Hollow and Disney’s ToonTown. Kris Boban, Animator with ANIMAL, and former animator for Nickleodeon’s popular Yo Gabba Gabba series. Joe Wos, Children’s performer with the Children’s Museum’s outreach program, resident cartoonist of the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Executive Director of the ToonSeum. The ToonSeum is proud to bring together some of the most creative minds in media and to continue its panel series on the influence of the cartoon arts in society. The panel will take place at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s theater, Saturday May 30th, at 3pm. The discussion is free and open to the public. RSVP recommended at joe@toonseum.com or 412-325-1060 – info: www.toonseum.com