25 Marzo 2009 01:41

Mort Walker su The Comics Journal 297

The Comics Journal 297 presenta una bella intervistona al mitico Mort Walker che parla di 50 anni di fumetti. E parecchio altro, naturalmente. Qui accanto, click per il video. Poco oltre il link dove trovare il resto.

“Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois creator (and Sam’s Strip writer) Mort Walker talks about a half-century in the Funny Pages; French artist Emmanuel Guibert on documenting Alan’s War, with a preview of his forthcoming The Photographer; a cartoon interview of Frank Stack by Noah Van Sciver; a gallery of art by pioneering caricaturist Thomas Rowlandson; a biographical essay by acclaimed Masses cartoonist Art Young; reviews of Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack, Jonathan Lethem’s Omega the Unknown and Noel Sickles’s Scorchy Smith; and …” Full article: Fantagraphics.