6 Marzo 2009 01:08

Comics in Art History

Come abbiamo avuto modo di scrivere in precedenza, le Università USA sono piuttosto attive nel campo della ricerca scientifica legata al settore del fumetto. Qui di seguito riportiamo, ultima giunta, la segnalazione della Call for papers per la Conferenza 2010 di Chicago, avente come tema Il Fumetto nella Storia dell’Arte. Se qualche nostro studioso fosse interessato a partecipare…

Just received: Call for Papers – 2010 conference of the College Art Association, to be held in February 2010 in Chicago – Deadline: May 8, 2009. Comics in Art History. Andrei Molotiu, Indiana University, Bloomington, and Patricia Mainardi, Graduate Center, City University of New York; amolotiu@indiana.edu and mailto:andpmainardi@gc.cuny.edu. As the study of comic strips and comic books has entered academia over the last couple of decades, it has done so primarily in language, literature, and cultural studies departments. While David Kunzle was a pioneer in the field, only recently have other art historians started to catch up, though the number of art-history courses on comics is still small compared to those offered in other departments. This session will be devoted to the variety of inroads that comics studies have made in our discipline, as well as to encouraging further inquiry into how the two can best be integrated. How can art-historical methodologies and theories prove useful in the study of comics? What can the study of comics offer art history? Can, for example, recent analyses (by McCloud, Groensteen, and others) of sequentiality or of the iconic simplification involved in cartooning be usefully translated to other fields of art-historical inquiry? Papers are welcome that address such questions, or that offer art-historical analyses of specific examples drawn from the history of comics—from the time of Töpffer to the present, from newspaper strips to mainstream genre work to avant-garde artcomics, and from a variety of international perspectives. Info: conference.collegeart.org/2010/