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Video: Drawing Turnarounds – Essential For Comic Artists! segnala: Drawing Turnarounds—Essential For Comic Artists!
It’s Studio Sunday, March 24, 2024
:00 Listen to Robyn’s weekly updates because they are informative and fun, and she has a lovely voice and she is smart and funny!
:27 The Really Complete Paradise Too is finished and ready to go to press. One week left on the kickstarter if you want one, and you do!
:53 Terry Moore Live! art sale and livestreaming weekend coming April 26-28. First peek at the stack of original art we’ve never offered before from the first and last issues of my books!
1:36 Free Comic Book Day merch of Katchoo & Francine! And I’ll spend May 4 at The Battlegrounds Games & Comics in Dalton, GA with Adam Hughes and Joe Linsner
2:56 HOT SEAT! Q&A: Your art style was more cartoony in your early career. How do you keep your more realistic art entertaining, especially during non-action scenes like long dialogues?
7:40 ART TIME!!!!: Answering two questions today. #1 How do you set your drawing board angle? Does it matter?
11:04 Turnarounds: Why they are important and some examples from the great artists who use them.
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