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Video: No Fear Inking A Comic On A Deadline segnala: No Fear Inking A Comic On A Deadline
Hi everyone, welcome to Studio Sunday, June 4, 2023.
00: ALA Conference
1:26 SiP Book ONE Out SOON!
1:52 After Dark kickstarter book out SOON!
3:12 HOT SEAT: Would you consider drawing the prose pages in SiP?
9:09 Drawing comics on a deadline means no time for tight pencils, you ink straight over the most minimal layout you can get away with. It takes a brave artist to do this. Here I ink one panel to show you what a pencil ready panel looks like versus how it ends up looking after I ink it. I do not recommend this approach to teamwork comics, you have to ink yourself to get away with this method, but when you’re on a deadline you have to be brave and work fast.

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