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Restoring Carl Barks by Kim Weston

Original proofs of the stories and covers written and drawn by Carl Barks exist and are used worldwide in reproducing his work. But for a few stories, there are no existing proofs, and the only way they can be reprinted is by making new masters of the work from printed comic books. Given the poor quality of the printing process used for the old 10 cent comic books, stories reprinted that way often don’t look very good when compared to stories with modern printing from original proofs. This book reproduces some of my attempts to get a better quality image for stories for which there are no known original proofs. Barks’ only Porky Pig story, “Porky of the Mounties”, now has been restored with new black line art plates and completely recolored. Barks’ Andy Panda story and the Barks written Droopy story “Serum to Nome” have also been restored with new black line art plates, which help the art stand out from the coloring. The coloring on these two stories, while not completely new, has been cleaned up and the color registration has been greatly improved. This allows the art to be seen more clearly and better appreciated…


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