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Anniversari: Galep (Aurelio Galleppini) b.1917, Benoît Peeters b.1956, Jack Kirby b.1917, Jim Sasseville b.1927 segnala: ‘Galep’ was the pen name of Aurelio Galleppini (28 August 1917 – 10 March 1994, Italy), a comics artist and illustrator.

With writer Gianluigi Bonneli, he co-created the famous Western feature “Tex Willer”, whose adventures he drew for more than forty years.

While other artists alternated with him on the pages of the popular series, he created all the covers from the beginning in 1948 through issue #400 in 1994.

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In the GCD — segnala: Benoît Peeters (born 28 August 1956, France) is a comics writer, novelist, and comics studies scholar.

He published his first novel, Omnibus, by Les Éditions de Minuit in 1976, followed by his second, La Bibliothèque de Villers, Robert Laffont, 1980. Since then, he has published over sixty works on a wide variety of subjects.

His best-known work is Les Cités obscures, an imaginary world which mingles a Borgesian metaphysical surrealism with the detailed architectural vistas of the series’ artist, François Schuiten. The series began with Les Murailles de Samaris (The Walls of Samaris) in 1983 and is still continuing.

He has also worked with Frédéric Boilet on a series of comic albums, including Love Hotel (1993), Tokyo est mon jardin (1997), and Demi-tour (1997), and has collaborated on a series of photographic works with Marie-Françoise Plissart.

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In the GCD — ( (some explicit images) segnala: Jack Kirby (28 August 1917 – 6 February 1994, USA) was a prolific and influential comics creator throughout his life.

He began contributing to the new comic-book industry in the 1930s. In 1940, he and Joe Simon created ‘Captain America’ at Marvel/Timely.

He served in World War II and returned to comics at DC, Harvey, Marvel/Atlas, Hillman, and other publishers. He frequently collaborated with Simon, who was a writer and editor. The two invented the romance genre at Crestwood with “Young Romance” (Prize, 1947).

He was a primary creator of the ‘monster stories’ that defined Atlas in the 1950s and from 1960 he collaborated with Stan Lee on creating many of the feature that defined the Silver Age of Marvel Comics — including “Fantastic Four” (1961), “The Incredible Hulk” (1962), and “The X-Men” (1963).

Moving to DC in 1970, he created the Fourth World titles. Later in the decade he worked again at Marvel, at independent publishers such as Pacific, and in television animation.

Kirby received multiple Alley Awards in the 1960s and a Shazam Award in 1971. He received an Inkpot Award at San Diego in 1974 and was inducted into the Shazam Awards Hall of Fame in 1975.

He was an inaugural inductee into the Will Eisner Awards Hall of Fame in 1987 and received the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award in 1993.

He was honored with the naming of the Jack Kirby Awards (1985–1987) and the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame (1989–2001) of the Harvey Awards, both voted by professionals.

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In the IMDb — segnala: Jim Sasseville (28 August 1927 – 30 November 2005, USA) was a cartoonist and graphic artist, best known for his work with ‘Peanuts’ creator Charles M. Schulz.

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