domenica 29 novembre 2009

Leemans in mostra al CBBD

leemans Se passate per Bruxelles, in questo 2009 tutto dedicato al fumetto, visiterete sicuramente il Centro Belga del Fumetto (CBBD) che festeggia i suoi 20 anni di attività. Contestualmente l’autore fiammingo Hec Leemans festeggia i suoi 40 anni di carriera con una mostra al CBBD dall’8 dicembre 2009 al 21 febbraio 2010. Per saperne di più:

Just received: “2009 is undeniably a celebration year. In October we had our turn: the Belgian Comic Strip Center got to blow twenty candles on a birthday cake then. But now another anniversary is drawing our attention, for the Flemish author Hec Leemans is looking back on a forty years career. Nowadays, his series F.C. De Kampioenen, based on a successful Flemish TV sitcom, is one of the best-selling comic series in Flanders. But also Bakelandt, his breakthrough series in the realistic genre – kind of strip quite rare in Flanders – contributed to his reknown.  And in addition to being a respected and complete author, who has mastered both drawing and writing of comic strips, he is also a committed professional, who is active in various Belgian cartoon associations that are working to gain greater recognition for the cartoon medium. Thus the BCSC had plenty of reasons to dedicate an exhibition to the interesting life and works of Hec Leemans. This exhibit tries to cover some aspects of Leemans' personality, revealed by himself through his creations, original drawings and favourite quotes, plus a glimpse of his library.” Info:

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