sabato 8 agosto 2009

I cartoonist boicottano la biennale di Tehran
Riceviamo - Just received: "Statement of Iranian cartoonists on the 9th Tehran Cartoon Biennale. The recent presidential election in Iran and its aftermath found huge international coverage and attention. As you may know, there was a huge and unprecedented turn-out in balloting, which was a sign of the Iranian people's will to reform the current situation of the country. But the aftermath of the election was so desperately annoying that no free soul can ever close his eyes on it. The same is true for the cartoonists. They have always accompanied people in portraying pains and in offering criticisms, in denouncing violence and in promotion of justice; and they have always called for peace. The same is true for the time being. The cartoonists feel an obligation to stand by people who have faced such unkindness. We the cartoonists have always tried to laugh people out of pain and pressure. But how can one witness killing of brothers and sisters and still remain silent? In such a situation, the 9th Tehran cartoon Biennale is on the way. Due to the post-election events, the cultural joy has totally disappeared from Iranian society. So we do not see any real interest in holding such a Biennale. In the current situation, we see our responsibility in a different view which does not necessarily include laughing and making laugh. Due to this fact, we the undersigned cartoonists, declare that we would not participate in this international festival. Previously, the festival has been held by cooperation and sympathy of professional Iranian cartoonists but this time, we would not cooperate or participate." Click qui per andare alla pagina degli autori Iraniani coraggiosamente impegnati in questo boicottaggio, dove potete inserire i vostri commenti.


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