domenica 24 maggio 2009

In diretta dagli USA i vincitori dei premi Reuben NCS
In diretta dai nostri corrispondenti USA, ecco i vincitori dei premi Reuben assegnati dalla storica e prestigiosa National Cartoonists Society.

The winners - The 2009 Reuben award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the year goes to Dave Coverly. The other categories winners are: Comic Strip: Lio by Mark Tatulli - Greeting card: Jem Sullivan - Comic books: Cyril Pedrosa for “Three Shadows” - Advertising illustration: Craig McKayGag - Cartoons: Mort Gerberg - Television animation: Sandra Equihua and Jorge Gutierrez for “El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Riviera” - Feature Animation: Nicholas Marlet - character designs for “Kung Fu Panda” - Magazine Feature/illustration: Sam Viviano - Newspaper Illustration: Mark MarturelloBook - Illustration: Mike Lester for “Cool Daddy Rat”Editorial - Cartooning: Michael Ramirez - Newspaper Panel: Mark Patisi, creator of “Off the Mark”. Info: dailycartoonist.

The nominees were: THE REUBEN AWARD: Dave Coverly Stephan Pastis Dan Piraro TELEVISION ANIMATION Bryan Arnett - Character Design - “The Mighty B!” - Nickelodeon Ben Balistreri - Character Design - “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” - Cartoon Network Sandra Equihua and Jorge Gutierrez - Creators - “El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera” - Nickelodeon FEATURE ANIMATION James Baxter - 2D Character Animator - “Kung Fu Panda” Clay Katis - Supervising Animator, Rhino - “Bolt” Nicolas Marlet - Character Designer - “Kung Fu Panda” NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATION Lars Leetaru Mark Marturello Sean Kelly GAG CARTOONS Pat Byrnes Mort Gerberg Werner Wejp-Olsen GREETING CARDS Kevin Ahern Jem Sullivan Debbie Tomassi NEWSPAPER COMIC STRIPS Stephan Pastis - “Pearls Before Swine” - United Feature Syndicate Mark Tatulli - “Lio” - Universal Press Syndicate Richard Thompson - “Cul de Sac” - Universal Press Syndicate NEWSPAPER PANEL CARTOONS Vic Lee - “Pardon My Planet” - King Features Syndicate Mark Parisi - “Off the Mark” - United Feature Syndicate Jeff Stahler - “Moderately Confused” - United Feature Syndicate MAGAZINE FEATURE/MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATION Daryll Collins Bob Staake Sam Viviano BOOK ILLUSTRATION Jim Benton Stacy Curtis Mike Lester EDITORIAL CARTOONS Mike Luckovich Jeff Parker Michael Ramirez ADVERTISING ILLUSTRATION Roy Doty Craig McKay Jack Pittman COMIC BOOKS Chris Blain - GUS & HIS GANG - First Second Books Matthew Forsythe - OJINGOGO - Drawn & Quarterly Cyril Pedrosa - THREE SHADOWS - First Second Books.


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