L’intensa View della “MILA Family” raccontata da Andrea Emmes!

“What a whirlwind the past week has been for Cinzia as she wraps up her week at The View Conference in Turin, Italy!  Thanks to the Mila Family who was able to come out and join her!

Not only was it exciting to have Cinzia be such a presence at The View Conference but they are also now one of our Sponsors!

Also at The View was our Executive Producer and VFX Supervisor, Valerio Oss who presented a Keynote Talk with Cinzia called
“Making of Mila: Creating a Quality Animated Film via the World Wide Web.”

Need to stand up and give a HUGE round of applause to our Lighting, Animation, SFIN, CFX, FX and PixelCartoon for making this possible! They worked tirelessly so that Cinzia and Valerio could show an entire finished sequence. So Bravo team!! BRAVO!!

Isn’t that Mila Mosaic Gorgeous!! It was created by the talented Cecilia Giusti

I was even speaking at The View with Cinzia via Google Hangouts on our workshop called, “Is Crowdfunding the Right Choice for You?” I had to be up super early since I’m in California and the workshop was at 4:30pm in Italy, but it was worth it!!  Was fun to finally “meet” our Media Consultant and Sponsor (www.afnews.com) Eric Rittatore face to face! (My best pleasure, my friend! And many thanks to Alice Buscaldi  and Pierpaolo Di Camillo/Aladar for their needful help – n.d.G.)

Wait, there’s more! Cinzia hosted a Masterclass on “Story, Troubleshooting Your Own Ideas.”

Lastly, Cinzia also ran a Masterclass called, How to Become a Story Artist: Making the Transition”.

 And then if that wasn’t enough, The View was kind enough to not only stock and sell our brand new Art of Mila Books, but also host a signing where Cinzia met with artists, colleagues, and fans alike signing books and selling other Mila swag!!

NOTE: Our Art of Mila Books will be mailed out to all backers who live in Europe this week and then when Cinzia returns to the States, she’ll mail out the backer’s copies for those of us in North America!!!

If you want to purchase a copy, please email me: (andreajemmes@gmail.com  Subject: Mila Book) as we haven’t set up the link to our website yet! It’s gorgeous and I cannot WAIT to get my copy! A mega huge thank you to our entire Graphics team who helped make this book possible over the last year – Giovanni Cenna, Elena Volongo and then our Executive Producer Andy Gahan who dedicated a week to helping Cinzia and I finish this book! Lots of late nights, we all had to learn InDesign lol, but it was so worth it!

Another huge thank you to Jérémie Noyer and William Moorefield for writing the story text for the book and to Bruce Block for the honor of writing the Foreword!!”

Andrea Emmes (producer of MILA)

#LetsMakeADifference #LetsChooseHope #MilaMovement

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