@annecyfestival 2017: voilà il poster di Manach & Bienvenu

The creation of the Festival’s official poster was entrusted to artists Kevin Manach and Ugo Bienvenu.

Kevin Manach & Ugo Bienvenu are two French illustrators and alumni of GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, CalArts and Les Arts Décoratifs (for Ugo): this practically inseparable duo cultivates a contemporary experimental style that’s reminiscent of comic books from the 40s and 50s. They have lent their talents to music videos (Jabberwocky, Renart, Agoria), intriguing and promising shorts (Une île, Vésuves, Maman) and commercials (Hermès, Marvel/Disney, etc.). Their unique and extremely rich aesthetic has brought them new and exciting opportunities like working on the upcoming feature film Domenica, produced by Miyu Productions, which is currently under development.

When we heard about this year’s highlighted themes (China as guest country and erotica), we immediately thought of Jade, Ugo’s wife who has Chinese roots. We stared at her through the bay window: she was eating a ham sandwich out back in the garden. We replaced the sandwich with an ice-cream cone, the garden with Lake Annecy, and voila!


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