Hot Toys Star Wars: Rey e BB-8

Queste statuette giocattolo1 sono… fantastiche! Ah, quanto mi sarebbero piaciute quando ero bambino e giocavo coi soldatini!
Ovviamente non avrei potuto averle: troppo care oggidì, figuriamoci negli anni 50/60 del secolo scorso… Pensa che c’è gente che le colleziona e non ci gioca! Che tristezza. Tanta qualità sprecata.

Ad ogni buon conto, ecco anche Rey e BB-8, sempre con marchio Hot Toys, per la gioia di chi può (che però, se non fosse egoista, potrebbe farci fare un giro, no?).

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Nota 1 – Action Figure: a doll representing a person or fictional character known for vigorous action, such as a soldier or superhero. The figure typically is posable, with jointed limbs.


“The Force. It’s calling to you. Just let it in.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here! Featuring a cast of new and familiar faces, the epic sequel takes Star Wars fans on a very exciting journey in a galaxy far, far away! Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are very thrilled to officially present a special sixth scale collectibles set of Rey and the lovable droid BB-8!

Our new heroine Rey is a resilient survivor, a scavenger toughened by a lifetime of dealing with the cutthroats of the harsh desert world of Jakku. We are sure Star Wars fans are anxious to see where the journey will lead for Rey and her newfound droid.

The highly-accurate Rey collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Daisy Ridley in the film featuring a newly developed head sculpt with fine hair sculpture, three interchangeable looks, meticulously tailored outfit, a lightsaber, highly detailed accessories, and a hexagonal figure stand with the Resistance’s emblem.

The highly accurate BB-8 collectible is specially crafted on the image of the uniquely designed droid in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. BB-8 features a newly developed spherical body embedded with self-balancing mechanisms, LED light-up eyes, and a specially designed Jakku desert-themed figure base attachable to Rey’s hexagonal figure stand.

Star Wars fans shouldn’t miss the chance to add the new main characters of the movie to your collection!